The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Any character in clue"

Added on Friday, May 11, 2018

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  1. Suspect
    1. Dodgy american president involved in religious group
    2. Possibly false
    3. Distrust
    4. American small change being found in school is dodgy
    5. Dubious character?
    6. Dodgy faction keeping us quiet


  1. Professor --, a character in 'cluedo'professor --, a character in 'cluedo'
  2. Reese's 'legally blonde' character or daryl's 'kill bill' character
  3. ___ white (clue character)___ white (clue character)
  4. ___ peacock (clue character)___ peacock (clue character)
  5. Cipher in which leading character initially changes to last character
  6. Character said what tells character when to speak
  7. Cluedo character goes topless endlessly, like holly?cluedo character goes topless endlessly, like holly?
  8. 'clueless' character who calls cher 'a virgin who can't drive.''clueless' character who calls cher 'a virgin who can't drive.'
  9. ___ mustard (clue character)___ mustard (clue character)
  10. One ot character i substituted in the middle for another ot character
  11. Star trek character played by brent spiner who is the brother of main character data
  12. ___ mustard (clue character): abbr___ mustard (clue character): abbr
  13. Disney character based on a dickens character
  14. Biblical character penning a chapter identifying biblical character
  15. A winter's tale character with perfect stuff about
  16. Arizona character trait?
  17. Almost stretched to the limit, greek character
  18. Area of us showing outrage, as addicts kidnap greek character
  19. Area served by detective of severe character
  20. A winter's tale character in the midst of hoax, raging briefly


  1. Very obvious trail grew confused
  2. Various items a lot seen around one&rsquo s place of confinement
  3. View through rose tinted spectacles see iliad
  4. Very likely to be disembowelled thats fatal
  5. Reaction on seeing the niagara falls, perhaps
  6. Various items &mdash a harp, a praline &mdash scattered around
  7. Vampire beaten by sides of ricotta with fresh vegetables
  8. Virtuoso with record on the radio