The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Antler wrestler"

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  1. Elk
    1. By way of
    2. Wild bugler
    3. Animal in a novel kind of situation
    4. Creature in novel, 'kidnapped'
    5. Roar : lion :: bugle : __
  2. Elk
    1. Caribou kin


  1. Antler sporters
  2. Tine of a deer's antler
  3. Antler point
  4. Antler covering
  5. Antler
  6. Insect with antler-like jaws
  7. Antler projections
  8. Antler (anag)
  9. Grin broadly after antler is found in wood
  10. Antler parts
  11. Bracken with antler-like leaves
  12. Antler-bearers
  13. Antler branch
  14. Cut by the tip of a sharp antler
  15. Antler fork
  16. Antler part
  17. Antler pair
  18. Antler owners
  19. Small type of crown; part of deer's antler; or, the margin of skin between a horse's pastern and its hoof
  20. Heard about twisted antler


  1. Aid and ___ (help in crime)
  2. Ascertain directions to river
  3. First reformed star hawke
  4. Domed tent-like native american dwelling
  5. Measures for the control of pests
  6. Entertainer who never speaks
  7. Got white in the face
  8. Has meal in great steakhouse