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  1. Early means of providing light for a photograph
  2. Photograph - card game
  3. Photograph of house in street
  4. Can print old-fashioned photograph
  5. Diagnostic photograph
  6. Photograph of way-out couples
  7. Trim as a photograph
  8. Ugly photograph displays architectural feature
  9. Crazy for one in photograph to become successful through personal effort
  10. Impromptu photograph
  11. Photograph's not large - gosh, it needs blowing up!
  12. It's hard to photograph
  13. Photograph/stamp book
  14. It's the same photograph
  15. Photograph of my bird dorothy, say
  16. Photograph taken for police records
  17. Type of photograph
  18. Moved suddenly — photograph ruined
  19. Word said to a photograph
  20. Photograph ruiner, perhap


  1. Big stock event (abbr.)
  2. That is so right!
  3. Sandwich container
  4. Full of adrenaline
  5. Pre-deal bet
  6. Additional tries
  7. Ferrari model whose name translates to redhead
  8. Takes to court