The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Anna's lover in 'anna karenina'"

Added on Friday, February 1, 2019

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  1. Alexei
    1. Nikita's successor
    2. Only son of czar nicholas
    3. Anna karenina's husband
    4. Tolstoy's vronsky
    5. Successor of nikita
    6. Soviet leader ___ kosygin


  1. She played anna in 'anna karenina' and 'anna christie'
  2. She played anna in 'anna karenina'
  3. Portrayer of anna christie and anna karenina
  4. Anna karenina's lover
  5. Cavalry officer count lover of anna karenina
  6. Anna karenina's husband
  7. Author of anna karenina
  8. Anna karenina and others
  9. Author of anna karenina, d.1910
  10. Russian author of war and peace anna karenina
  11. Authored anna karenina and war and peace
  12. Anna karenina for her occupation
  13. 'anna karenina' author
  14. He loved anna karenina
  15. Fredric's co-star in 'anna karenina'
  16. 'anna karenina' writer
  17. Leo –––, russian author who wrote anna karenina
  18. Garbo who portrayed anna karenina
  19. "anna karenina" writer tolstoy
  20. Garbo of "anna karenina"


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