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  1. Mink or sable
  2. Plain gucci sable clothes making a comeback
  3. Eg, sable or mink
  4. Mercury : sable :: ford :
  5. Cape sable locale: abbr.
  6. Relative of a sable
  7. Sable coat?
  8. Game played badly in the sable lab
  9. Have a look over the sable?
  10. Take a good look at the sable
  11. Sable or impala
  12. Game played in sable lab
  13. 'sable, perhaps, as poetry should do, by the look of it (4)'
  14. Cougar or sable, informally
  15. Sable relative
  16. Perhaps sable inversely
  17. Mink and sable
  18. Fictional marvel country home of silver sable
  19. Game played in sable alb?
  20. Sable, e.g.


  1. One can bend vertically
  2. One holding the purse strings in power may, somehow, by changing rates
  3. One fighting with a bigot, oddly lacking in educational basics
  4. One coming out with lace undone its a fiasco
  5. One failing to win quirky roles
  6. One cheeky girl in washington city
  7. One doctor in australia is good for the foot
  8. One attaching importance to social position