The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with N


Do you know the answer?


  1. Nettle
    1. Irritate
    2. Felt tense about holding plant
    3. Common weed bug
    4. Stinging plant
    5. Better be stung by a __ than pricked by a rose
    6. Growing anger?


  1. Prevent young servant having something deducted from pay
  2. Big blow having point deducted for miss
  3. Amount deducted from the
  4. Feel aggrieved by pence being deducted from grant
  5. Deducted from the gross weight
  6. Block calls for money deducted from wages
  7. Amount deducted from the price of goods to compensate for loss
  8. Bill and max deducted from income tax
  9. This month charge includes sum initially deducted for agency
  10. Deducted
  11. Cut of meat about right in canteen, though marks deducted for quality of bacon?
  12. Chap vague about point deducted
  13. One half of an item maybe from oral — class with marks deducted
  14. Money deducted from a paycheck
  15. Moneybags -- initially not having a shilling
  16. Problem possibly caused by theologian in anger
  17. Offensive commanded caused anger
  18. Address that caused anger to a teetotaller?
  19. Offence caused by display of buttocks, bishop coming down with anger
  20. '___ leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering': yoda


  1. Us gambling city
  2. Month that ends too soon for girl
  3. Three of the fifteen best seats?
  4. Otter in a 1927 novel by henry williamson
  5. Set of regulars to barmen: 'we pour over barrel here, perhaps'
  6. Failed, breaking out?
  7. Particular day
  8. Team without competition to enter