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  1. Ambitious person having trouble with father over time
  2. Person who is likely proud and ambitious in astrology
  3. Partisan could be an ambitious person
  4. Ambitious person with leaflet on drugs?
  5. Ambitious foursome you''ll find on the periphery from 17, did you say?
  6. Ambitious banker has great taste
  7. Ambitious types, more than half arrogant, certainly on the exterior
  8. Ambitious and high-energy
  9. Exam for an ambitious h.s. student or what this puzzle has been?
  10. Ambitious in scope
  11. Be ambitious
  12. Ambitious target ultimately abandoned by boss
  13. Ambitious track bet
  14. Colonists jail special "heirs of 1916", ambitious types
  15. Ambitious, hopeful
  16. Aggressively ambitious
  17. Ambitious study covering right current and velocity
  18. Flash around cash for foreigner's ambitious contract
  19. Be super-ambitious
  20. Ambitious


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