The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with J.
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Added on Sunday, February 28, 2021
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CODYCROSS Mesopotamia Group 980 Puzzle 5

  1. Followed the rules
  2. 'jack be .......jack be quick'
  3. Precious metal marking a 25th anniversary
  4. Twelve legged feline in my neighbor totoro
  5. Musical term for smoothly played notes
  6. Eight pints
  7. Archaic way of telling someone to go away
  8. A small official seal for legal documents
  9. Import or export tax
  10. Most common lava rock, makes up the ocean floor
  11. Spiced festive drink once also known as milk punch
  12. Ackles who played dean on supernatural
  13. Mantis , powerful multi colored aquatic creature
  14. Digital naming system, web address
  15. Land owning class of society


  1. Joseph
    1. Coat of many colors weare
    2. Record banter about old lady's long coat
    3. This habit would not be adopted by conrad, for instance
    4. Ridicule about recording showcasing lloyd webber lead
    5. Important figure in the g
    6. Mourinho's supported by local patriarch


  1. He of the amazing technicolor dreamcoat
  2. Musical '. . . . . . and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat'
  3. He had an amazing technicolor dreamcoat
  4. Floral technicolor dreamcoat?
  5. He had a technicolor dreamcoat
  6. Biblical character with amazing dreamcoat on stage
  7. He of the amazing technicolour dreamcoat
  8. 'joseph and his amazing technicolor ...'
  9. Biblical dreamcoat wearer
  10. Floral technicolor dreamc
  11. Technicolor
  12. 'yawn in technicolor', so to speak
  13. Hitchcock's first technicolor film
  14. 1939 mgm technicolor movie
  15. Maureen known as hollywood's "queen of technicolor"
  16. 1955 sci-fi film that was one of the first to use technicolor
  17. In the biblical show joseph has a technicolor one
  18. Actress called “the queen of technicolor” [#40]
  19. Owner-__; property lived in by the home's owner
  20. Before victory, south led amazing trick


  1. Some chemistry class models
  2. Pluck as an eyebrow
  3. Hoedown locale
  4. ___ of peculiar galaxies
  5. Potato accompanier in soup
  6. Make pricier at an auction
  7. Attaches a patch maybe
  8. Cries of aversion