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  1. A strange sort thinking rationally of old moore's study
  2. Sound mind, thinking rationally and normally
  3. May possibly credit conspiracy theorist with talking extremely rationally to begin with
  4. Rationally
  5. Think and behave rationally
  6. Rationally calm
  7. A crime such as this may give one little time to think rationally
  8. Infidelity - no time to think rationally
  9. Ability to think rationally
  10. Wears blinkers but thinks rationally?
  11. Like thinking about thinking
  12. You thinking what im thinking?
  13. It might prompt you to say, 'are you thinking what i'm thinking?'
  14. "thinking, thinking ..." sounds
  15. Sort of thinking starting with thinking more or less well?
  16. Book subtitled 'the power of thinking without thinking'
  17. Thinking to be about around always one
  18. 'always after this always start to do the wrong thing (4,5)'
  19. Always increasing? always
  20. Always and always


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  2. Right oven for joint?
  3. Take part in bibulous, crapulent brawl
  4. At first, ducks are playing in the well
  5. Release group without charge
  6. Firmly establish i have a qualification to teach
  7. Ostentatious cheer when wild boar is captured
  8. Parson in confined stop