The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Allows westside gang leader to change"

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  1. Lets
    1. Go (for)
    2. Cry of concurrence
    3. Sounds like a plan!
    4. ___ party
    5. Slackens
    6. Im off!


  1. In e.g. hollywood and westside, upset by slacker
  2. "from the westside with love" rapper ___ kennedy
  3. Allows
  4. “someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” per oprah
  5. Cy sleeps soundly, which allows a nervy connection
  6. Tosspot allows bad dancing!
  7. The old dominion allows people to wander around
  8. It allows for fast mating
  9. It allows access to an ac
  10. Unproductive censor allows boob back in
  11. Document that allows father onto ship
  12. Allows an adequate period
  13. Spain e.g. allows flying birds
  14. Medical device allows for urinary drainage
  15. Software or app allows users to surf the internet
  16. Application that allows the user to act
  17. Car mirror allows driver to see behind him/her
  18. Computer key allows you to flee
  19. Allows soldiers to drop into war zones
  20. Upper body part; joint that allows arm movement


  1. Of small physical stature (abl. of description)
  2. Can such doctors give treatment for vertigo?
  3. Tip bucket one held in sink
  4. An island off italy, in the bay of naples
  5. Pardon, amnesty
  6. Mammifère de madagascar
  7. Duration of note broke mauve tile
  8. Passage to a water-girt land?