The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Allocates such dreadful tee-shirts and jeans"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Looking after blows up tee shirts
  2. Bitter cynic in ripped tee shirts
  3. Rags made from colourful tee-shirts
  4. Shirts worn with jeans, often
  5. Stroke from the tee made while wearing a tee?
  6. Allocates by way of indicators
  7. Allocates a job
  8. Allocates as time
  9. Allocates parts sensibly at first in musical
  10. Allocates new chairs to each in the course of breaks
  11. & 21 dreadful, dreadful artists in great distress
  12. Buttonless shirts, inform
  13. Rebel on many t-shirts
  14. Purveyor of tagless t-shirts
  15. Stuffed shirts
  16. Like hawaiian shirts
  17. Casual shirts
  18. Rugby shirts
  19. Big name in golf shirts
  20. Shirts for golfers?


  1. Music drama
  2. One who reverts
  3. Floor plan, for instance
  4. Tough "jeopardy!" category
  5. '60s canadian leader
  6. Last piece of music is actually written in this way
  7. Indian, say
  8. Winning 2004 team, for short