The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Below you will find the correct answer to Alexander __, Daniel Defoe's model castaway Crossword Clue, if you need more help finishing your crossword continue your navigation and try our search function.

Crossword Answers for "Alexander __, daniel defoe's model castaway"

Added on Tuesday, September 3, 2019
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  1. Speech difficulty with s pronounced as th
  2. Bombard, hurl at
  3. One of a mammal's front feet, a cat or bear say
  4. Lucy __ always yanked the football from charlie
  5. Sighed and moaned
  6. Smooth talker, flirt, ladies' man
  7. Show set in manhattan, sometimes at central perk
  8. Actors beau and jeff's famous actor dad, lloyd __
  9. Joins the military
  10. Concentrated by evaporation
  11. Jimi __, final act at 1969's woodstock festival
  12. Gift __, they handle the paper and bows for you
  13. Recorded the proceedings of a meeting
  14. Shrinking inland lake, east of the caspian sea


  1. Selkirk
    1. Crusoe's supposed prototy
    2. Real-life sailor on whom
    3. British columbia's ___ mo
    4. Alexander ___, real-life
    5. Town south of galashiels in southern scotland
    6. Red river valley colonist


  1. __ crusoe is daniel defoe's castaway
  2. Defoe castaway
  3. Defoe's titular castaway
  4. Robinson -, (defoe's castaway)
  5. Daniel defoe wastes the enemy - 'fierce beast' is a weed
  6. Robinson __ daniel defoe novel about shipwreck
  7. __ crusoe novel by daniel defoe
  8. Daniel defoe wrote ''robinson . . . . . .''
  9. Daniel defoe's '___ flanders'
  10. 'robinson --', a novel by daniel defoe
  11. "robinson ___" (daniel defoe novel)
  12. Really turn up the sound as daniel defoe is ignoring oldie
  13. "robinson ___" (daniel defoe classic)
  14. Novel written by daniel defoe
  15. Daniel defoe con artist who avoids the noose through transport to the colonies
  16. ...'daniel defoe' by ___...
  17. Daniel defoe's hero
  18. Did daniel defoe demonstrate this?
  19. 1989 film starring aidan quinn, based on a daniel defoe novel
  20. Daniel defoe novel robinson ___


  1. Two in three, perhaps, going north, diced with death: one reason for judgement
  2. Lively and resilient
  3. Emerge behind next in line in the family
  4. Unintelligent and foolish
  5. You are rumoured to be involved with masai warrior
  6. Elevate in dignity
  7. Statute that protects journalists' sources
  8. European union admits lawyer went to function with old money from lisbon