The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Alcohol often called the green fairy"

Added on Monday, July 27, 2020
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  1. Filled with vitality, sprightly
  2. Decorative seed pod from a fir tree
  3. Facial sprinklings seen most on redheads
  4. Country in which the killing fields is set
  5. The steam powered animal in a book by jules verne
  6. Auction offer on behalf of another buyer
  7. Criminal who imports, exports goods and people
  8. Stretching is vital post workout to accomplish it
  9. Islands, the former name of hawaii
  10. One of the 7 world wonders, located in agra, india
  11. Like the plates that shift along the earths crust
  12. Fancy , nifty dance steps


  1. Absinthe
    1. Sailor’s in the drink
    2. Potent stuff called "the
    3. Green spirit
    4. Animals moved to restrict current that powers ship
    5. Drink consumed by arabs, in theory
    6. Drink? ben has it as a cocktail


  1. Botanical alcohol known as the green fairy
  2. Alcohol also known as the green fairy
  3. 13 holds cluedo's green up in the 'green man', perhaps13 holds cluedo's green up in the 'green man', perhaps
  4. Strong green liquor nicknamed the green fairy
  5. - - alcohol, isomeric alcohol used as a solvent
  6. Kind to fairy that's out and fairy will be kind when i'm out!
  7. Falls down, as one contains large quantity of alcohol - helpers called for
  8. Colourless flammable liquid also called alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugars
  9. What a fairy-tale emperor could be called?
  10. Green accompaniment to 7 without the alcohol
  11. Green stone fairy placed on spot
  12. Green fairy tale monster
  13. __ bell, green fairy friend of peter pan
  14. Green fairy alcoholic beverage
  15. Fairy __; mild green dishwashing fluid
  16. "the green fairy" aniseed liquor
  17. Green meanie in a fairy tale
  18. Drink known as the green fairy
  19. Strong drink from france the green fairy
  20. Freebie often containing alcohol


  1. Material use for musical strings, made from intestines of sheep or horses
  2. Mingle in club owned by jagger, we hear
  3. Misinform and stop ship
  4. Mocks dried out enchantresss clothes
  5. Macho miss redefined form of sexual pleasure
  6. Male singers voice
  7. Not probable
  8. Making craft turn, bearing east