The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with A.
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Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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  1. This irish beer gave name to a record book
  2. This 1st element has no odor color or taste
  3. __! film based on a musical named after a state
  4. Held to the bottom of the sea
  5. Large wall that separates compartments in a ship
  6. All my __ american soap opera cancelled in 2011
  7. House of__ an influential royal house in europe
  8. Individual bobsled event with small sled
  9. Someone who works promoting a product
  10. British model once involved in a drug scandal
  11. Often removed along with tonsils


  1. Agrology
    1. Scientific study of soils
  2. Agrology
    1. Scientific study of soil and crop production


  1. Soils are subject in this field
  2. Philip who studied at bucknell and eli who studied at nyu
  3. Farm soils
  4. Rich soils
  5. Like some hard soils
  6. Makes dirty, soils
  7. Smog soils it
  8. Various potting soils, essentially
  9. People go to slane to see it in various soils, etc.
  10. It soils play clothes
  11. Scientific study of soils
  12. 'reason to suspect that the soils are clayey (6,7)'
  13. Over a thousand soils in flexible fashion
  14. Messes up uneven bank's of specimens and soils
  15. Organic compounds that could make soils nice
  16. Wheatlike cereal plant that tolerates poor soils and low temperatures
  17. Breaking up soils, etc., comes at a turning point in the summer
  18. Fertile soils
  19. Fruit-plant soils weren't loam
  20. Conditions of the soils for bank, fashion centre and school


  1. A light that is extremely bright
  2. Creases and lines on a face
  3. Upper part of a document, opposite to a footer
  4. Tension cooker, makes food quickly
  5. Eruptive landform that spews out hot lava
  6. Across body tennis shot
  7. Machine for crushing oranges, apples into liquid
  8. Country where quebec and ontario are found