The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "Ads promoting covid vaccines e g"

Added on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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  1. Psas
    1. Filler ads, in brief
    2. Some health info ads, for
    3. Ad council output, for short
    4. “dont text and drive” spots, e.g., for short
    5. Some tv ads, for short
    6. Smokey bear spots, for sh


  1. Ads promoting covid vaccines e.g.
  2. Basis of some covid vaccines
  3. Agcy. that approves covid vaccines
  4. Molecule in covid-19 vaccines
  5. Agcy. promoting flu vaccines
  6. Fighters protection is good, er, to avoid exposure to covid 19
  7. Original form of covid 19 not yet found
  8. With no hint of mask, trumps riddled with covid 19, ultimately getting rich
  9. An irrational reaction to covid 19, say, not democratic
  10. An oaf at first implying covid not very problematic nut
  11. Kind of vaccine used against covid
  12. Covid symptom doctor has got coy about thats disgusting
  13. Gilbert co developer of a covid 19 vaccine
  14. Along with pfizer, early covid 19 vaccine company
  15. Does covid make you this crass
  16. Covid vaccine informally
  17. Supported by everyone after onset of covid 19 like some doctors
  18. Covid-19 waiter
  19. Covid necessity
  20. One dose covid vaccine familiarly


  1. Heavy, thick mist
  2. The ball the window into pieces
  3. Use a cast iron to cook this meat
  4. Stuff that takes the most space in a house
  5. I always try to keep with the news
  6. I felt and depressed after the breakup
  7. Trustworthy, valid
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