The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "In active opposition"

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  1. Gallbladders
    1. Things attached to livers (2 words)


  1. Many whips active for the opposition?
  2. Allowing no opposition
  3. Opposition
  4. Conservative mp who was leader of the opposition 2001-2003
  5. Voice opposition
  6. Violent opposition
  7. Opposition front bench members
  8. Opposition chiefly to bench aid was misplaced
  9. Trace changes and put up opposition
  10. One in opposition, for example, seen in anger, i suspect
  11. Underground movement providing opposition
  12. Saint among liberal opposition
  13. Evacuation: one leaves before last of tory opposition
  14. Obstinate opposition
  15. In direct opposition
  16. Vocal opposition
  17. Showing angry opposition
  18. Wettish opposition leader shrouded in fog ...
  19. Suppressing opposition br
  20. Check for something done in opposition before


  1. Learn ___ (get smarter)
  2. Napoleon's u.s. consort?
  3. "song of the south" term
  4. Astaire's sister
  5. Hesse's "magister ---"
  6. ''falstaff'' or ''otello''
  7. Scott famous in 1857
  8. ''maytime'' star