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  1. Some editor acknowledged heading up major arterial route
  2. Acknowledged superiority in a particular sphere
  3. Acknowledged
  4. Acknowledged, but just ba
  5. Coroner ordered date to be officially acknowledged
  6. Person who is acknowledged
  7. Name of the fifth ocean acknowledged in 2000
  8. Acknowledged ghost?
  9. Acknowledged expert
  10. Revered husband acknowledged
  11. Bad news, dear, it must be acknowledged
  12. It may be acknowledged with a slap
  13. Acknowledged empress of the blues
  14. Acknowledged a touchdown like 1-across
  15. In ecuador he acknowledged a s american runner
  16. Acknowledged an ovation
  17. Not acknowledged as valid
  18. Acknowledged guilt, perhaps
  19. Crazy person now acknowledged to have several bits missing
  20. It must be acknowledged to sort out beers!


  1. This is fun!
  2. Beyonces rapper husband
  3. Like some ebay items
  4. Hayley williams genre
  5. Something done wrong
  6. Color akin to beige
  7. Came to a halt
  8. Intermediate socioeconomic group