The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S


Do you know the answer?


  1. Saluted
    1. Tipped one's hat to
    2. Paid tribute to having the blues involving stringed instrument
    3. Paid respects to
    4. Showed respect, in a way
    5. Recognised with a gesture
    6. Paid tribute to, including a number of jazzy duets


  1. Coroner ordered date to be officially acknowledged
  2. Person who is acknowledged
  3. Name of the fifth ocean acknowledged in 2000
  4. Bad news, dear, it must be acknowledged
  5. Acknowledged empress of the blues
  6. Acknowledged a touchdown like 1-across
  7. In ecuador he acknowledged a s american runner
  8. Acknowledged an ovation
  9. Not acknowledged as valid
  10. Crazy person now acknowledged to have several bits missing
  11. It's acknowledged at the moment after weekend being followed by leading newspaper
  12. Acknowledged an anthem
  13. Acknowledged applause
  14. Acknowledged for a gift, say
  15. Acknowledged tense earl to be consumed by lust
  16. Having qualities like those of acknowledged art
  17. Acknowledged being taken in
  18. Acknowledged being given access
  19. Openly acknowledged by a person (2 words)
  20. Not acknowledged, indeed not at all properly treated


  1. Leftover food from a meal
  2. Back of the book explanatory comment
  3. Single action described in an assembly manual
  4. Lugubre e
  5. Taking a ___ of faith
  6. Male equivalent of ma'am
  7. Cable channel that airs barry
  8. Urban area in north rhine-westphalia, germany