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  1. Saluted
    1. Tipped one's hat to
    2. Paid tribute to having the blues involving stringed instrument
    3. Paid respects to
    4. Showed respect, in a way
    5. Recognised with a gesture
    6. Kissed perhaps -- what starts usually between girl and boy


  1. Coroner ordered date to be officially acknowledged
  2. Person who is acknowledged
  3. Name of the fifth ocean acknowledged in 2000
  4. Bad news, dear, it must be acknowledged
  5. Acknowledged empress of the blues
  6. Acknowledged a touchdown like 1-across
  7. In ecuador he acknowledged a s american runner
  8. Acknowledged an ovation
  9. Not acknowledged as valid
  10. Crazy person now acknowledged to have several bits missing
  11. Acknowledged being given access
  12. Openly acknowledged by a person (2 words)
  13. Bill demanded to be publicly acknowledged
  14. Acknowledged being enrolled as member
  15. Among idiosyncrasies acknowledged in fire
  16. Officially acknowledged
  17. Petty nature pooh acknowledged in himself?
  18. Meet acknowledged artist in challenge
  19. Not publicly announced or acknowledged
  20. Newest named ocean acknowledged in 2000


  1. Had avocado toast say
  2. Pastry portmanteau
  3. Mary ___ (shakespeare's mother)
  4. Anton — actor who played chekov in 2009 action film star trek
  5. British texter's i'm off!
  6. President of yugoslavia from 1953-80 born josip broz
  7. Christopher — best actor in a supporting role oscar winner for the deer hunter
  8. French riviera city-state