The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Absorb mentally"

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  1. Ingest
    1. As a laugh, picked up swallow
    2. Devour
    3. Eat - gin set
    4. Eat for fun, by the sound of it
    5. Eat, but not seriously, we hear
    6. Anagram of signet


  1. Mentally wiped
  2. Make mentally unbalanced
  3. Mentally infirm
  4. Website offering “mentally stimulating diversions”
  5. Mentally sound?
  6. Mentally out of it
  7. Physically or mentally demanding
  8. Mentally sluggish
  9. Mentally prepare note to the far right of germany and switzerland
  10. Mentally stimulating past
  11. Mentally unclear
  12. Prep mentally
  13. Mentally spaced out
  14. Preparing yourself mentally to think clearly
  15. Mentally prepared someone for a task
  16. Mentally picturing
  17. ___ out (intimidates mentally)
  18. Perceive mentally
  19. Mentally creative
  20. Identify mentally with another person


  1. Taking a child off the mother's milk
  2. Sir belch
  3. Road in which helene hanff found her favourite bookshop
  4. Treasure covered with earth, hidden underground
  5. An act that violates an act
  6. Deep gorge in cliffs
  7. Designed doilies to put on a pedestal
  8. Peculiar - in a stressed condition, earl moves towards the front