CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Abridged essence"

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  1. Epitome
    1. Beau ideal
    2. Typical example
    3. Perfect example
    4. First part of index in record book, for example
    5. Good example i found in a record book
    6. Perfect embodiment


  1. Abridged
  2. Not abridged
  3. African leader abridged books about british mathematician
  4. Abridged, for short: abbr
  5. Abridged journal's urge is suppressed in squandering 9!
  6. Erudition present in grand, abridged sort of book
  7. Abbr. at the end of an abridged roster
  8. Stupid fool abridged french author
  9. Females in novel about game (abridged)
  10. Abridged trough? domestic animals may find it very irritating
  11. One poem (abridged) penned by one of the mitfords in cambridge?
  12. Passage around opening of drama i have abridged? it could provide colour
  13. Different books, now abridged
  14. Form of verse member of the clergy abridged, then cut
  15. Joke book abridged
  16. Abridged made less long
  17. Book of baudelaire's is at this point abridged
  18. Author's abridged 'fanny hill'?
  19. Alternative notes a gaelic bard abridged
  20. Abridged work


  1. Max _, cosmetics company founder 1872-1938
  2. Gradually change
  3. Cannabis and ecstasy in prison
  4. Us blues singer and guitarist born huddie william ledbetter in 1888
  5. Extinct volcano shouldn't
  6. Cold rice balls with raw fish
  7. Cuts back gradually, limiting publicity for shows
  8. Clouds of particles and gas obscure bus lane