CROSSWORD Answers FOR "About to happen 8 letters"

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  1. When troublesome things begin to happen, they all happen at once
  2. Letters in love letters
  3. "presumed innocent" or "the firm" (5 letters, then 5 letters)
  4. Winner of seven wimbledon titles (4 letters then 4 letters)
  5. Glaucoma symptom (8 letters then 3 letters)
  6. Bail money source (6 letters then 5 letters)
  7. Woman typecast in horror movies (6 letters then 3 letters)
  8. Starting a project ... and what the letters between the starting and ending pairs of letters in each starred answer are doing?
  9. Letters at the end of some letters
  10. Capital letters, the last repeated, are visible at first among letters not designed to be seen
  11. Affectionate letters at the end of some letters
  12. Letters on country letters
  13. Though one does not get the letters right, one may sip with the smells of the letters
  14. Letters on manhattan letters
  15. Letters on letters to soldiers
  16. Letters on stamps on american letters
  17. Letters on some love letters
  18. Aint gonna happen
  19. Happen to find terrapins at sea
  20. Yet to happen, at law


  1. Comedy character by hotel - priest on show came down
  2. Need to transform the garden
  3. Praiseworthy cornfield sounds
  4. Colorful hindu festival
  5. Janis _, 20th-century american singer-songwriter
  6. Take in woman with joke, say
  7. Lizard of africa and asia, many species of which have the ability to change colour
  8. Daily hair option plugged by short health program