The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "'70s embargo gp."

Do you know the answer?


  1. Opec
    1. Grp. affecting gas prices
    2. The u.a.e. belongs to it
    3. Kind of minister
    4. Intl. group with two south american members and none in north america
    5. Oil grp.
    6. Oil cartel


  1. Embargo
  2. Judge supporting embargo on outsize instruments
  3. Meat embargo restricting company
  4. 1973 embargo org.
  5. Stop. he has an embargo on
  6. Firm breaking embargo to bring this home?
  7. Us president introduces embargo primarily affecting japanese craft
  8. Noticed last letter came first in publishing embargo
  9. Embargo on witches leaving city in england for an irish town
  10. 1980 embargo target
  11. Embargo on explanation at the centre for one of the monkees we hear? (8)
  12. Floral art embargo in furniture company
  13. State embargo over one monstrous type
  14. Party in a recently lifted embargo
  15. Refuse to have king included in embargo
  16. To enforce mutton embargo, in short, a howler
  17. Create an embargo
  18. 1970s embargo result
  19. Money to get missile through borders in embargo
  20. Food firm caught in embargo


  1. Pulitzer-winning journalist peter
  2. Big swallows
  3. National park since 1968
  4. Step onto the field after a touchdown
  5. Criticized persistently
  6. Colonne e
  7. Mick and keith, rocking when still tots?
  8. Bend setting