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  1. One seeing ghosts
  2. “ghosts” playwright
  3. Game with four "ghosts"
  4. Frequented by ghosts
  5. Things ghosts lack
  6. Full of ghosts like four answers in this puzzle?
  7. Animal whose name is derived from the latin for “ghosts”
  8. Ghosts or goblins
  9. Activity of some ghosts
  10. Ghosts often work on them
  11. Man who saw the ghosts of christmas
  12. Halloween apparel monsters ghosts princess
  13. Houses inhabited by ghosts spirits
  14. Has the most ghosts per capita in canada
  15. Ghosts are the souls of __ after they have died
  16. Ghosts and goblins
  17. Classic video game with ghosts
  18. Bar that's popular with ghosts, oddly
  19. Counting crows "___ about ghosts (the best of ...)"
  20. Ghosts from the first 'star wars' episode?


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