The answer to this crossword puzzle is 13 letters long and begins with J

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "2009 f1 champion"

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  1. Canadian curling champion
  2. African grower available to engage tennis champion
  3. Peak tennis champion overcomes opponents in another game
  4. Champion
  5. Grimly funny champion
  6. 1970s-90s chess champion
  7. Champion lacking height succeeded in love
  8. Featherweight champion of the world, e.g.
  9. ___ edberg, two-time u.s. open tennis champion
  10. 2014 u.s. womens open champion
  11. Actress and former mixed martial arts champion carano
  12. Champion of evolution
  13. Former heavyweight champion with a tattooed face
  14. 1998 masters champion mark
  15. Extremely thick to retreat when boxing near champion
  16. Female street-racing champion?
  17. Four-time n.b.a. scoring champion in the 2010s
  18. Seven-time wimbledon champion pete
  19. Welsh former 400m hurdles world champion
  20. Champion's reward?


  1. Sour cocktail ingredient
  2. Boring sort of bard
  3. Cruel man carrying bag lady who's not light
  4. A boring sort of nut endures our own misnomers
  5. In fangotherapy, a restorative spa or sea treatment involving submerging the body into thermal clay
  6. Semblable e
  7. The —, 1967 novel by angela carter
  8. Long gestation for film