The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with P


Do you know the answer?


  1. Piloterror
    1. Possibility considered after an air accident


  1. Frankie valli song from john travolta musical
  2. Frankie valli singing style
  3. Frankie valli song for egotists
  4. Swearin' - - (frankie valli)
  5. Frankie valli: "you're just too ___ be true"
  6. Valli of ''the third man''
  7. Actress valli of 'the third man'
  8. Classics winner frankie, but not dettori
  9. Author whose short story spring break won the 2018 edgar award in the best short story category: 2 wds.
  10. 1975 broadway show; 1976 tony award for best musical winner
  11. Charles strouse and martin charnin show; 1977 tony award winner for best musical and best original score
  12. Musical based on a story about an orphan
  13. Popular musical based on a paul gallico story
  14. Musical based on the story of don quixote
  15. 2000 musical with the song 'every story is a love story'
  16. Got award after award
  17. Hero's award - not another award?
  18. 1985 sci-fi film based on a hugo award-winning novella
  19. Berry of "frankie and ali
  20. “___ dinah” (1958 hit for frankie avalon)


  1. Bolting heating component will involve a little work
  2. Terse husband gripped by shame
  3. Look mean, having no weaknesses
  4. Capital and chief port of bermuda
  5. Girl, initially no longer missing edward, kept controlled
  6. Shafted weapon for throwing or thrusting
  7. Delivered letter: ending taken to heart
  8. Formerly accommodating unionist when required