The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "1728 ballad opera"

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  1. Beggarsopera
    1. Rich production that inspired weill's low-budget version?
    2. Gay's composition that was barred in old london prison


  1. Opera singer in an opera
  2. Opera about an opera sing
  3. Principal bass appointed by sadler’s wells opera company in 1969 and the royal opera house in 1972
  4. Puccini opera about an opera singer
  5. Opera heroine who is an opera singer
  6. Alban ____ based his first opera on an unfinished play by georg büchner, and did not complete his second opera
  7. Real-life opera composer who's a title character in a rimsky-korsakov opera
  8. Closed opera house twice cancelling the french opera
  9. Bruce springsteen ballad
  10. Ballad's end?
  11. West indian ballad
  12. Thomas moore ballad local
  13. Wilde's "the ballad of re
  14. Robin ___ (old irish ballad)
  15. Final stanza of a ballad
  16. Charlie plays unusual love ballad
  17. Traditional ballad
  18. Selecting a ballad that’s cheap
  19. Traditional elizabethan folk tune and ballad
  20. Suffix with ballad


  1. Coming soon, formal wear for garment
  2. For this person, debauchery is simply too much
  3. Low figure in question, essentially
  4. Peter paul —, artist
  5. Arbitrator: hunc 'iudicem' in foro disceptantem
  6. Brief attempt about right
  7. Mae lyons heard in first class school is blooming close to belladonna lily
  8. Car part collected in birmingham