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  1. Most important mounted cavalryman?
  2. Cavalryman's shout of joy heard
  3. Cavalryman a drongo irritated
  4. Old heavy cavalryman
  5. Cavalryman
  6. Cavalryman advanced into ship at sea
  7. Old cavalryman made officers fire
  8. Cavalryman pinning a marauder
  9. Looking back, artist on board has hesitant expression for old cavalryman
  10. Cavalryman curtailed dance
  11. Cavalryman departs, first knight to quit capital
  12. Independent worker wanted to liberate cavalryman
  13. Former heavily-armed cavalryman
  14. Cavalryman; coerce (into doing something)
  15. Cavalryman retreats without thinking about us
  16. Cavalryman dispatches one over fierce woman
  17. Looter overlooking a cavalryman
  18. Cavalryman, doctor, a member of old comedy group
  19. Turkish cavalryman - well, one without horse
  20. Cavalryman protecting a virtuous soul from bomber


  1. Model wearing cape, retreats
  2. Model office worker keeping you waiting?
  3. Modify it with a relevant option
  4. Grows, as the moon
  5. Mishandle a situation
  6. Not-safe-for-work transmission
  7. Mock professional clown dropping stone
  8. Money for those taking industrial action