The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with A


Do you know the answer?


  1. Addedbonus
    1. Extra redundantly


  1. Responsibility -- our responsibility?
  2. Leader ditched extra responsibility
  3. Extra payout for principal of bank, having responsibility
  4. Responsibility for extra payment not being introduced
  5. Bishop at first removed from extra responsibility
  6. Keep an eye on extra responsibility of a bishop
  7. Leader's thrown off extra responsibility
  8. Clues he'd arranged in listclues he'd arranged in list
  9. Will one's responsibility flower, given disruption of court?
  10. One swaggering, given zero responsibility, at first
  11. Officer given only the most short-lived responsibility!
  12. In which an offender may be given responsibility?
  13. He's given unwarranted responsibility
  14. Extra jobs done without extra pay in circus
  15. __ pie: extra jobs done for extra pay in circus
  16. 'extra, extra' shouter
  17. Shortly, rush up to get extra, extra amount
  18. Extra large detective turning up wearing extra large yellow floral items
  19. Extra-extra-wide shoes
  20. Extra extra in addition


  1. Woman only heard seasonally
  2. Net pet by church
  3. Oklahoma tribe originally from the southeast
  4. Watchman who sticks to the rules?
  5. Freshwater fish of the subclass dipnoi that is able to breathe air
  6. Mythical golden age in australian aboriginal mythology; also called alcheringa
  7. Wood nymph in greek mythology
  8. Squeeze together 8 letters